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Jingle Bells | Bob The Train Christmas Songs & Videos For Children - Kids TV
22 Nov 2019
Jingle Bells | Bob The Train Christmas Songs & Videos For Children - Kids TV
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Thomas and Friends Downhill Train Races and Crashes

Published on : 06 Jul 2019

Were back on Kids Toys Play racing Thomas wooden railway and Thomas wood toy trains down the worlds most dangerous track! Will the Thomas and Friends trains make it past the bridge of doom and ring the bell, or will accidents happen in this family fun video for kids!

Watch more train races here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gehhCrYk3fc

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Thomas and Friends is Popular All Over the World!

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鉄道 鈴川絢子 tomaz レビュー tomac thomas et ses amis スーツ

Who’s your favourite tren?










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CẦU THỦ NHÍ 5 months ago

2:13 There’s Merlin next to Rhneas!

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Videos4Kids DN
Videos4Kids DN 5 months ago

First yaaaaaaaay

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Morphle ABC
Morphle ABC 5 months ago

Millie is so big, she almost looks like an early engineers engine!

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BillionSurpriseToys - Nursery Rhymes & Songs

0:56 You SUCK

   0    0
VnKids abc
VnKids abc 5 months ago

1:06 Ace in place 1:11 Ace in pace 1:14 Ace on his face 1:17 Ace is with out a place

   0    0
Jungle Beat - Munki and Trunk

1:28 The yellow will mellow

   0    0
ARPO The Robot
ARPO The Robot 5 months ago


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FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review

2:02 The little engine rings the bell

   0    0
Susi kids TV
Susi kids TV 5 months ago


   0    0
Kids 5 months ago

2:48 Italy does it

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FamousTubeKIDS TV
FamousTubeKIDS TV 5 months ago


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5 months ago

10th also I have an update on the Luke situation

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Pellumb Hajdari
Pellumb Hajdari 5 months ago

Look on the back of the supru stashes

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5 months ago

duck: slip coaches?

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Super Simple
Super Simple 5 months ago

Yay! You brought back my favorite races!!! I like them more with the bridge! It’s fun to watch!

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Nat Geo
Nat Geo 5 months ago

Good video

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Shaun_the_Sheep 5 months ago

Will you get the 2019 Thomas wood

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FGTee 5 months ago

i want that bridge

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Junky Kid TV - Learn Colors for Children

Will you do Chucklesome Trucks, Free the Roads, Heart of Gold, and Gordon Gets the Giggles, please?

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SR Toys
SR Toys 5 months ago

Hey guys I readied (sorry if I misspelled that word) the comment that you posted and I just wanted to say don't worry I found some ertl Thomas trains on ebay that are cheap (but if they are cheap they could break easily) so its ok

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Jingle Bells | Bob The Train Christmas Songs & Videos For Children - Kids TV
22 Nov 2019
Jingle Bells | Bob The Train Christmas Songs & Videos For Children - Kids TV
Kids TV - Nursery Rhymes And Baby Songs · 68707 Views