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Ryan 24 hours challenge in the halloween haunted house!!!!
15 Oct 2019
Ryan 24 hours challenge in the halloween haunted house!!!!
Ryan ToysReview · 51409 Views

Giant ROTTEN Ostrich Egg Drop From 100 Ft! Watermelon Drop Challenge with HobbyKidsTV

Published on : 27 Jun 2019

Will HobbyKids choose the right Ostrich Egg to drop? Or the rotten one? We also drop watermelons with surprise toys in them and clues! Which HobbyKids gets chosen to drop their iPhone from 100ft? Must watch now to find out...
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In 2012 HobbyKids created our original idea to make giant surprise eggs and toy adventures. Since then we’ve enjoyed producing shows with learning through creative play. The HobbyKids paved the way in creating unique kid-style adventures while showing kids across the globe how to use their imagination through impromptu play and toy journeys. Thanks for joining us daily as our HobbyFriends!

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Kids Diana Show
Kids Diana Show 4 months ago

Ur vids are awosome!!!!!!!

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Pinkfong Kids Songs & Stories

My Best YouTube channel ever

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The Voice Kids Australia

Where does the HobbyKids live

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Sen Kids
Sen Kids 4 months ago

I’ve bean whatcjing you for 8 years I love the videos you do

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Satisfying Slime ASMR

This is what you are doing now? Can you please stick to your cartoon? And when is the Walmart tour where I can meet you guys?

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Galinha Pintadinha
Galinha Pintadinha 4 months ago


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Super Simple
Super Simple 4 months ago


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4 months ago

It's not even 100ft

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Маша и Медведь

   0    0
FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review

That's not 100ft but I like your videos

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Cutie Kids TV
Cutie Kids TV 4 months ago

That’s like 20 feet

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4 months ago

there is no ostrich in the egg

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Kids Show
Kids Show 4 months ago

I saw the game trickster when you glitched

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Pellumb Hajdari
Pellumb Hajdari 4 months ago

Wow your nise

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Debbie Doo Kids TV
Debbie Doo Kids TV 4 months ago

Hey hobby kids can you do in Africa episode talking about 16 animals innocent please please please please please please please please can you do the comment please

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OZ Kids
OZ Kids 4 months ago

This was AWESOME

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Awesome Kids
Awesome Kids 4 months ago

Hobby kids you are the best you always make me cheer up in the end of the day

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ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Bring back you guys stuck in fortnite pls

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VnKids abc
VnKids abc 4 months ago

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Vầng Trăng
Vầng Trăng 4 months ago

Your videos are the wrest :)

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Ryan 24 hours challenge in the halloween haunted house!!!!
15 Oct 2019
Ryan 24 hours challenge in the halloween haunted house!!!!
Ryan ToysReview · 51409 Views